Butterfly Dances – Celebrations of Life

Marianna Arvay, CLCC 

Do butterflies really dance? They certainly seem to twirl and flutter as they move to the rhythm of the wind. These lovely creatures have been symbols of the joy of life and the promise of positive change to many cultures thru the ages, undergoing a ritual of metamorphosis—lowly caterpillar to creature of enchantment.

I’ve always felt a bit like a caterpillar myself, working in the health insurance industry, surely one of the least enchanting pursuits, for many years. Almost from the very beginning, it became clear that my talents as well as my greatest satisfaction centered around providing assistance and support to patients and their families, so I concentrated my efforts in the field of customer service and enjoyed the daily interaction and the knowledge that my work helped others, but I definitely wanted more. Reading a magazine one evening, an advertisement for The Celebrant Foundation and Institute caught my eye—it extended an invitation and a challenge -become a Celebrant. OK, I thought, what the heck is a celebrant? After studying their website I not only discovered what the heck a celebrant was, but that I really wanted to become one.

Now, several years later, I am proud to be able to present myself as a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant, a highly trained ceremony professional schooled in all facets of the history and art of rituals, with an emphasis on creative, genuine and completely personalized ceremonies, geared to the wishes and dreams of my clients. For those who are not connected to a specific religion or who are not religious at all, but perhaps consider themselves spiritual, or not, I can provide an alternative way to honor the transitions in your life in an expressive way. For couples or families that are multicultural, my training provides a beautiful way to blend traditions through a customized ceremony.

I am certified thru the Celebrant Foundation and Institute in Weddings and Ceremonies for Couples, Ceremonies Across the Life Cycle (such as adoptions, baby naming ceremonies, coming of age, change of life, opening a new business, retirement, and house blessings) as well as Funerals and Memorial Services. I am also an ordained, non-denominational minister and my practice is LGBT friendly.

As we travel through the journey of our lives we experience the changes that create a metamorphosis from one stage of life to another. What better way is there to mark these milestones than with a ceremony that is created just for you and with you, that reflects your personality, beliefs and philosophy of life and that can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish.

I am located in the city of Palmdale, CA. Please contact me to set up a no-cost no-obligation meeting to discuss your ceremony.


“When a dear friend passed away after a long bout with Alzheimer’s we gathered at one of her favorite places, the Rose Garden at Huntington Library. I asked Marianna to  organize the ceremony.  She did a beautiful job and had all of us in tears.  You cannot give a great friend a better ‘send off’.”
~ Rose B.

Feel free to call me at 661-274-9462.

Or, email me at: marianna@socalcelebrants.com.

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