I have a penchant for pathways. Paths of all kinds.
Paths leading to things and paths leading away.
Paths with promise of adventure and paths with promise of escape.
Paths lead you on your journey and when you turn to see your footprints it reminds you of where you’ve been.

Telling the story of the path you or a loved one is planning to take or has already taken is my favorite pastime! As a proud graduate of the Celebrant Foundation and Institute, I am professionally trained to help you create a personalized ceremony that expresses exactly what you want to celebrate in a way that is unique and compelling.

It can be overwhelming to consider all the aspects you want to include in your ceremony; religious or not, cultural or multi-cultural, traditional or fanciful, remembering to be inclusive, formal or informal, light-hearted or solemn; but that is my job.

Weddings, funerals, birthday’s with “0’s” and birthday’s without “0’s”, retirements, anniversaries, professional accomplishments, moving to a new home, your first vacation without a loved one, starting a new job, buying a new car…every turn in our path comes with more appreciation if you take a moment to celebrate the accomplishment.

I will interview you, write a first draft then collaborate with you until together we find all the perfect components for your ceremony. When the time arrives, I will joyfully preside over the event if you so request.

I am proud to perform services, large or small, or work in private consultation with people to help design more intimate and personal celebrations for events that need to be acknowledged.

I contend that every celebration should be about the journey…on the path.
The beginning, the middle, the end and the future.
The good, the bad, the difficult and the effortless.
The journey…on the path.

Feel free to call me at 562-440-3206.

Or, email me at molliejeanbeck@gmail.com 

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A Story of Love

When my husband and I decided to get married, we were very much on the same page about wanting a ceremony that truly celebrated our lives together. For us that meant bringing our past together into our future and sharing that with our friends and loved ones. We were getting married in beautiful wine country with the vineyards behind us and the chuppah my husband built just above us. What tied it all together was the very special ceremony that Mollie officiated.  

How do you celebrate all of this love and beauty in such a short time and in such a way that your guests feel a part of it? Well I can say now, like I could then, that Mollie did just that, well, more than that actually. She brought our lives together in a loving, sometimes humorous way. We laughed and cried going through the writing of and of the performing of the ceremony with her. Mollie drew out the silly and the important details that make our union special and were celebrated so beautifully during our ceremony. We blended wines, cultures, languages and family. What more could you ask for? Even to this day our friends and family always say it was one of the best weddings they’ve ever been to. Cody and I believe that Mollie was an instrumental piece of that.

Julie N.
Solvang, CA

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